Q Masters USA


Who Says QuickBooks is Easy? We Do!

No Fuss Installation and Setup
The financial reports produced by your QuickBooks system is directly tied to the amount of planning you do before and during the set up of your system. We can guide you through the process or we can do it for you. Your choice.

We follow the Key Steps below to ensure that you will receive financial reports that are not only easily produced but are accurate and reflect the true condition of your business.

Key Steps

  •  Choose your QuickBooks start date
  •  Gather the necessary business information and documents
  •  Set up your company file  
  •  Fine-tune your chart of accounts
  •  Enter any historical transactions
  •  Complete customer and vendor information
  •  Complete the Item list
  •  Enter any optional adjustments

Step-by-step Training for You and Your Staff
Enjoy face-to-face hands on training for managing your QuickBooks accounting software. New to QB? Start with entering checks right through how to read special reports. Discover how to enter your financial information without creating costly double work.

We are happy to work with those who are just starting to use a computer, as well as, those just needing a few tips to fine tune their skills.

Are you computer literate and already using QuickBooks? Discover shortcuts and quick tips to power use it. Take your skills to the next level and turn your QuickBooks from a workhorse into a thoroughbred and make it fly.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to set your preferences to make your work easier
  • Learn how to memorize transactions so you don't have to keep entering the same data over and over
  • Learn to use Lists and Items to streamline your processing
  • Learn to track and reconcile credit card purchases

Import or Export Your Data to Other Programs
Do you need to export your QuickBooks data to another brand of software like FileMaker Pro?
Do you need to import data from another software product into your QuickBooks?
We can help. Call us to avoid the frustration and expedite the process

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate entering the same data multiple times
  • Reduce work effort
  • Increase accuracy of information

Customize Reports and Invoices
Do people look at your invoices and say "Oh, you use QuickBooks." Why should your invoices look like everyone else's? Why should your reports contain information that you don't need? We can make your invoices unique to your business and customize your reports to show the information you want where you want it.

Key Benefits

  • Make your invoices unique to your business  
  • See the information you need to manage your business
  • Get accurate financial information when you want it

Full Service Bookkeeping
Do you need a full-time leased employee, a temporary employee while your employee is away on leave of absence or disability, or would you rather outsource the entire accounting operation? Look no more, we can provide the level of support that you need.

We can do it all or we can work with your employees -- the choice is yours!

Key Benefits

  • Accounts Payable - Manage your A/P through QuickBooks by entering the bills you owe, printing checks, and printing reports to help you keep on top of your cost of goods sold percentages.
  • Accounts Receivable - Manage A/R through QuickBooks by entering invoices, receiving and balancing payments, and getting up to date reports of outstanding accounts.
  • Banking - Manage your bank accounts through QuickBooks either on-line banking or paper based banking, processing deposits, and reconciling monthly bank statements. Review checks to ensure that checks are valid and signed by proper authority.
  • Reports - Assist management with quality reports specifically designed with the information needed to keep your business on track. These reports will enable you to get expert advice from your CPA on maximizing tax savings and managing your business throughout the year. No more year end chores slogging through mountains of paperwork for your tax accountant. QuickBooks will have all you need at a touch of a button.

Payroll Support
We can help you manage payroll through QuickBooks from entering hours, printing paychecks, creating and balancing payroll deposits, to filing quarterly and annual payroll reports.

Key Benefits

  •  Required information supplied to regulatory agencies on time
  •  Eliminate penalties for filing information late
  •  Accurate payroll reports

Systems Consulting
Expedite and streamline your operations. Our accountants are not just QuickBooks accounting experts, they are also experienced business professionals. We can observe the processes your business is using; analyze them for efficiency and ensure all financial information requirements are being met. Then we will review our findings with you in detail. We can assist you in implementing any needed improvements.

Key Benefits

  •  More efficient office processes
  •  Eliminate duplication of work effort
  •  Ensure consistent handling of data